Wooden 55mm Herb Grinder w/ Metal Lining
Wooden 55mm Herb Grinder w/ Metal Lining
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    Wooden 55mm Herb Grinder w/ Metal Lining

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      Introducing our exquisite Wooden 55mm Herb Grinder with Metal Lining, a must-have accessory for herb enthusiasts. This grinder is crafted with premium wood and features a durable metal lining, ensuring exceptional quality and precise grinding. Its compact 55mm size makes it perfect for on-the-go use. With sharp teeth and a smooth operation, it delivers a consistent grind every time. Elevate your herb preparation with this stylish and functional grinder. Grinder includes a magetic top to keep closed.

      Key features:

      • Premium wood construction with a durable metal lining for exceptional quality
      • Compact 55mm size for convenient portability
      • Sharp teeth for efficient and consistent herb grinding


      Recommended Engraving Settings

      55w: 150mm/s @ 15% Power

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