Wood LED Display

    Wood LED Display

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      Introducing our Wood LED Display, a versatile and stylish accessory for showcasing your favorite items. Crafted with high-quality wood, this base offers a natural and rustic look. The built-in LED lights create a soft and ambient glow, highlighting the beauty of your displayed objects. With its customizable blank surface, we can engrave or personalize the display to add a unique touch. 

      Key features:

      • Crafted with high-quality wood for a natural and rustic look
      • Built-in LED lights for a soft and ambient glow
      • Customizable blank surface for engraving or personalization
      • Versatile and stylish base for showcasing your favorite items

      The base measures:
      150mm wide X 25mm tall X 100mm slot


      Available in a white light only.
      Plug in: USB

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