Laser Rubber Stamp Sheet A4 2.3mm

    Laser Rubber Stamp Sheet A4 2.3mm

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      Discover the endless possibilities of our Laser Rubber Stamp Sheet A4 (2-3mm). This versatile sheet empowers you to create custom rubber stamps with precision. Crafted with high-quality materials, it ensures durability and crisp stamping results. The A4 size provides ample space for designing intricate patterns or detailed logos. Compatible with laser engraving machines, it allows for effortless customization. Unlock your creativity and bring your unique stamp designs to life with this exceptional rubber stamp sheet.

      Key features:

      • High-quality rubber stamp sheet for precise and durable stamping
      • A4 size offers ample space for intricate designs or logos
      • Compatible with laser engraving machines for easy customization

      Recommended Engraving Settings

      55w: 150mm/s @ 40% Power 400dpi engraving
      10mm/s @ 55% Power

      *If engraving is not deep enough feel free to do a second pass.

      We accept most file formats however PDF, AI, JPG, PNG are preferred. Vector and single color images give the best results. Images with too many colors will not give a good quality result.

      Click here for our recommended file prep guidelines.