Gold metal lighter(CLOSEOUT/Defect)
Gold metal lighter(CLOSEOUT/Defect)

    Gold metal lighter(CLOSEOUT/Defect)

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      These gold lighters are on a closeout special due to a defect. 
      They have some rust on the inside of the casing. Please see picture for example. I used a lighter with a more severe case of rust so you understand what you’re ordering. Most are not as bad but they will vary from lighter to lighter. They function perfectly fine and still light and stay lit however I don't feel comfortable selling them at full price. The metal cases also may have some slight damage to them as well. Most are fine but a few may be included with a couple dents here and there.

      Rather than toss them, I am offering them at a super discounted price for anyone who doesn’t mind. These are non-refundable close out prices and I’ve included all the information to prepare you for what you are purchasing.


      to reiterate, these lighters are perfectly functional but may include se rusting just on the inside of the casing only, and the metal box may have some minor dents but typically not.

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