Acrylic Mirror Pins
Acrylic Mirror Pins
Acrylic Mirror Pins

    Acrylic Mirror Pins

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      ☞ Available in sizes from 1"x1" to 2.5"

      ☞ Custom sizes available as well, just visit our contact page!

      ☞ 3mm acrylic mirror material.

      ☞ Silver or gold clutch back style pins backs.

      ☞ Can only be single side engraved

      Minimum of 10 must be ordered.

      File upload recommendations

      Vector images work best for this material. Please do not submit any designs with a gradient or shading, as it will not show up on this material. The material is reverse engraved from the back, so any engraved portion will be transparent.

      We accept most file formats however PDF, AI, JPG, PNG are preferred. Vector and single color images give the best results. Images with too many colors will not give a good quality result.

      Click here for our recommended file prep guidelines.