Color Printed Crystal Ornament
Color Printed Crystal Ornament

    Color Printed Crystal Ornament

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      Custom UV Color Printed Crystal Christmas Ornament: A Canvas for Your Festive Fancies! 🎄

      When your tree says "Adorn me with something classy!" our Custom Crystal Christmas Ornament listens!

      - Crystal Clear Canvas: 5mm thick and 80mm in diameter of pure, customizable beauty, this ornament hangs out in sheer style.
      - Hold The Hole: A considerately placed hole at the top says, "Bring your favorite string, and let’s sway together on that lush evergreen!"
      - Art, Your Way: With our precise UV Printing, this orb of possibility is ready to become whatever your holiday heart desires!

      Hang in there; your tree's about to get a crystal-clear upgrade, decorated by the best artist we know – You! 🎨🎄

      Includes red hanging ribbon.

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