Blank Phone Grip Socket with 3M Glue

    Blank Phone Grip Socket with 3M Glue

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      Introducing our versatile Blank Phone Grip Socket with 3M Glue, the ultimate accessory for your smartphone. This grip socket offers a secure hold, preventing accidental drops and providing added convenience while texting, taking photos, or watching videos. Crafted with durable materials, it ensures long-lasting use. The blank surface allows for customization, making it a unique and personalized accessory. With the reliable 3M adhesive, it attaches firmly to your device without leaving residue. Elevate your smartphone experience with this practical and customizable phone grip socket. 
      **Note- These pair well with our Wood Sticker Material. The actual plastic is not suggested to engrave.

      Key features:

      • Secure grip socket to prevent accidental drops and provide convenience
      • Durable construction for long-lasting use
      • Blank surface for easy customization
      • Reliable 3M adhesive for firm attachment without residue.

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