Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder
Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder
Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder
Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder
Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder
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    Blank metal multi-layer “herb” grinder

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      Introducing our sleek Blank Metal Multi-Layer Herb Grinder, the ultimate tool for herb enthusiasts. Crafted with high-quality metal, this grinder offers durability and precision grinding. Its multi-layer design includes a pollen catcher and a storage compartment, providing convenience and efficiency. With its sharp teeth and smooth operation, it ensures a consistent grind every time. Additionally, this grinder is engraveable with both CO2 and fiber lasers, allowing you to add a personalized touch. Elevate your herb preparation with this stylish and functional grinder. Shop now at and experience the perfect blend of quality and performance.

      Key features:

      • High-quality metal construction for durability and precision
      • Multi-layer design with pollen catcher and storage compartment
      • Sharp teeth for efficient and consistent herb grinding
      • Engraveable with both CO2 and fiber lasers for personalized customization

      Measures about 2.4” diameter by 1.6” height.

      Recommended settings:

      Glowforge, 400 speed, max power, 2 passes(if needed).

      OMTech(55w), 150mm/s, 400 DPI, 30% power

      Check to make sure the engraving is clean and has a visible silver engraved design before moving it from the machine. If it’s hard to tell or there is some residual spots, run a second pass before moving it.


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