Metal wind proof lighter
Metal wind proof lighter
Metal wind proof lighter
Metal wind proof lighter
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    Metal wind proof lighter

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      Wind proof lighter

      These metal lighters engrave crisp and clean. The black are powder coated so they work with co2 lasers no problem, silver and gold are for fiber lasers only. Basically it works by removing the powder coat and leaving the metal exposed. Lighters do not come with lighter fluid and are completely safe to laser engrave.

       Seal with shellac or Rustoleum to prevent rusting if used in a high moisture environment.

      Recommended to engrave at a high dpi and power. You want to make sure you get the powder coat off completely. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe it down after and that will leave you with a clean metal shine.

      Glowforge recommendations: 400 speed, max power, 2 passes. Then use Acetone and a rag to clean it up.

      We accept most file formats however PDF, AI, JPG, PNG are preferred. Vector and single color images give the best results. Images with too many colors will not give a good quality result.

      Click here for our recommended file prep guidelines.

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