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    10"x10" Baltic Birch Wood Sheets 3mm 1/8"

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      These Baltic Birch sheets engrave so good! They are true 3mm sheets with a nice light and bright wood color that engraves dark for a high contrast. Sheets are 10"x10" size however may vary by 1/4" on sides due to cutting. Below is an example of the quality of wood we carry vs a standard amazon brand. Aura Hardwoods is where we get our wood from and we check each sheet prior to buying for quality.

      Grade: BB/CP
      BB: One-piece face generally light and uniform in color. Pin knots and small sound tight knots are allowed. Occasional "football" patches are color matched to the veneer. Sanding is smooth.
      CP: One-piece face similar to grade BB in quality. Sound knots and patches may be more common than BB grade. Small open splits, knot holes and double patches are allowed. May have some streaks and discoloration. Sanding is smooth.


      Recommended Engraving Settings

      55w: 10mm/s @ 50% Power - Cutting

      We accept most file formats however PDF, AI, JPG, PNG are preferred. Vector and single color images give the best results. Images with too many colors will not give a good quality result.

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